Something I did last summer…

It’s a squirrel.

03Mar09Lynn 079
It’s a squirrel made from a rock!

It used to be a rock (well It didn’t occur to me to take a picture of the rock before I started carving, but you get the idea).

09sept03casscam 168
Tthe squirrel beginning to take shape

How did this happen?

Well, a woman I know that happens to be a busy lawyer (a lovely woman, who I am very grateful for and to) had signed up for a week long class with Zimart.  As she was very busy, she offered me to take over the class for her.  I was able to rearrange my schedule so that I could have 3 days of the week off to be at the class for those days. Since I was only going to be there for a few days.  I searched the rock pile and found a relatively soft one (I believe that it is some type of serpentine) which I thought was in the shape of some type of animal (or I could see a little being inside the rock).  I thought that it was probably a dragon or a sea serpent and I began carving.  As I explained it to the artist in residence for my group, Simon Chidharara (a sweet guy, who is a powerhouse with the carving), it somehow became a rat, then a squirrel.  Knowing that I had little time to work on it, I had to just go with it.  I focused and worked hard, then the squirrel was revealed before the three days were up.  The best part is buffing up you little creation with the power of fire.  I recommend trying the class if you have the money.  As long as you work a little harder than you socialize, you should come away with a piece of art, especially since the artists-in-residence are very skilled and can usually smooth over any mistake you make.

09sept03casscam 170
Simon Chidharara taking off excess squirrel rock
09sept03casscam 169
This is the squirrel before the exciting buffing process
Hey there Squirrelfriend!

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