“I Heart Cardigans” Sweater

Hmm…So this has been a good and a bad project.  It is currently not finished and I am dreading having to take out the entire collar to re-do it in order to get the rest of the pattern done (collar, button band, button holes and buttons).  I also have to take out the sleeves and re-sew them in if I want this lumpy cardigan to look a little less lumpy :(











The one thing that I have enjoyed about this project has been knitting the cables.  It is always good fun to do cables, because they look so nifty!  Other than that I kinda want to throw this pattern out with all the other crap patterns I’ve come across and tried.  For example, I will never try another Vogue Knits pattern, NEVER!  I’ll stick with the classics, as my mom says, “I never liked American-style set-in sleeves, only do Old English/Scottish/Irish/Nordic patternimages with raglan sleeves.”  Mom is always right…I should have listened before I bought this sweater pattern and the expensive wool that goes with it!  I will say that the toque patterns from the same company are great patterns and their wool is really nice.image

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