Felted Mushroom Ornaments

11Nov16CassCam 146
Felted mushrooms in the snow.

I have no desire to eat mushrooms, but I do think that they’re super cute.  I’ve been meaning to felt some christmas ornaments for some time, especially since, for the last couple of years, poorly made ones have been showing up at Chapters, or wherever.  When I came across an image of felted mushrooms online, I knew that this was something that would be easy for me to try, with only the risk of wasting a few hours.  My mom (Lynn) has all of the supplies, and a good store of unused sheep’s roving.  I knew that the style of mushroom I wanted has a red cap, so I needed roving in red.  Mom, a great lover of all things fleece, suggested that we dye some with Koolaid.  This involves microwaving the wool in the Koolaid until it sucks up all of the colour, a process that you can easily find online.

Microwaving Koolaid and wool.

The colour came out pretty yummy.  It was a little uneven, but that works for me.

It looked delicious!

Making the mushrooms was easy.  I started making the stem from the natural white with the felting tool.  Then moved on to a lumpy cap.  After, I added the red to line the top and added white dots for added cute factor.

mushroom tops

After I made my first mushroom, I knew that I needed mire ( the number 3 is always good).  Without realizing it, I created the exact same pattern of white dots on my second mushroom…and then kittens stole it.  I made two more mushrooms, attempting to place the dots differently…but I can’t help it, that number 3…

11Nov16CassCam 147

Anyway, felting leads to more felting… me and Sammi have a little something in mind with these guys…

Next time, a painting.

Octopus. Roving in the background.
Turtle. I made this to give to the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre, but missed the deadline (very sad).


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