Shoemaker’s Apron

imageThis summer, I decided to take a course at the Haliburton School of the Arts, with my youngest daughter Samantha.  Because she had taken the shoe making course  last year (which was very labour intensive) we thought it would be fun to take the the Sandal Making class (which was supposed to be like a vacation in comparison).  The two classes were taught by Jon Grey from Nova Scotia.






The materials that you needed to bring were:  a special extra sharp X-acto Knife, with extra blades and an apron.

I thought that it would be a good idea to make the apron . . . . why not?  We have all kinds of material that has been purchased for projects, but never used.  So I decided I would pick something appropriate from the pile.  I chose a dark brown brushed denim fabric.  I think I was going to use it to make myself a pair of pants.

I then looked up shoe maker’s aprons on the internet and checked out the type that the instructor wears from his website and from photos that we had taken of the class last year.


I went to Fabricland to buy some thread and other notions that I would need.  It was my lucky day as everything in the store was 50% off the regular price!

I didn’t have a pattern so I borrowed an apron from my daughters, Cassandra and Samantha.  They use aprons for their small business making Chakra Bars.  These aprons are made of lightweight white cotton.  I used it to draw the shape onto my material….or maybe I just cut around it.

I then folded over the edges and sewed them up . . . . easy.  I folded over a larger piece at the top and attached heavy ribbon in a loop to go around the neck with D rings to tighten or loosen it.  I put some tie strings on at the sides, long enough to wrap around and tie at the front.  I then did a small hem at the bottom.  Ta da . . . . . a shoe maker’s apron.

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