Cat Quilt


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I made this quilt as a Christmas present for Candace and her cat, Mr. Kippers (aka Zephy).  Mr. Kippers is a black cat and likes spooky dark things.  Cassie helped me with the project and we had a plan to try to sell “Cat Quilts” to other cats.  We put in a cat nip pocket and Mr. Pinky just loved it, so we made a quilt for him too!



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Paws and Quilt.
Paws and Quilt


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Lodge Quilt

Lodge Quilt


We haven’t worked on it in a little while, but this is a square from the Lodge Quilt that Cassie and i have been working on for a few years. The pattern is called Ohio Star, and the reason we call it the Lodge Quilt is because it’s for my dream cottage, The Lodge.  I don’t have it yet, but the quilt isn’t finished yet either.