Fancy Florals

CassArt12 042

Yet again, I have not produced anything new to post (sigh), although I have been doing some drawing (yay).  I happen to have some pictures of some an experiment I did based on an Art Nouveau poppies I found, probably somwheres on the internet.  First I basically copied the poppies, which was quite pleasant

Then I got excited and stole some images of flowers from good seed catalogues, stylized them and added some half-assed Art Nouveau-y lines.  I left the backgrounds with the wood texture, which makes all the colour stand out.

Unfortunately, it never occurs to me to sand the wood, so edges come out a little more rough than I’d really like.  Or maybe they would just come out a lot differently if I were to do another.


By the third one things were starting to get a little fairy-tale style, which appeals to me on another level.  I really should work more with these.  I know that there is another, unfinished, of geranium; maybe soon I will finish that.





CassArt12 072