Entomology!Here is my collection of insects.  Years ago I took an entomology class as a part of my Biology degree at TrentU.  The main component of the class was to make a collection of 40 different insects.  I spent the summer before the class collecting (which was fun) and killing (which was horrible) all types of insects.

Our home garden was particularly rich in Hymenoptera (Bees and Wasps, etc.) and beetles, and Sammi helped my find and catch the super-creepy, agressive and impressive Dobsonfly.  Now they are mostly just a cool souvenir, but they also serve as pretty good material for drawing and painting.  I did this painting of one of my large beetles.  I painted it at John Climenhage‘s dark and cold studio above what is now Aryana on George Street, in Peterborough.

Although my brain was screaming for a smaller paintbrush, I actually think that it turned out really well.  I think that it has some of the nicest brush strokes that I have ever made.

Enotomology! - Beetle