Aran Sweater Dyed with Black Walnuts

13547754634_75b850891f_b13547466885_7a455297e5_b13547580193_9871993194_b13547810044_8ccb12c1ea_b13547526295_9dfc091ba0_bThis is my first attempt at a cardigan.  I knit it over six years ago and am currently working on my second cardigan.  I remember wanting to do a pattern with cable and chose this from one of my mom’s 1970s knitting pattern books.  It was initially white, but with my mom’s help we dyed the sweater once it was knit.  We collected black walnuts from around Peterborough lawns and parks, made the broth and put the sweater in.  This was the result.

My sister, Cassie currently wears my sweater awesomely.