Out of turn post

I’m posting early, because Sammi is working away at her sweater for her next post and I don’t want her to rush too much.  So it is me this week instead of her.

out of place post

Well here is a painting.  I painted it a couple of years ago at John Climenhage‘s studio over the shwarma place.  I was having one of those periods where I felt like I should be painting, but couldn’t think of what to paint (where right now I have lots of ideas as to what to paint, but can’t get myself to paint).  John had a book of photos taken during the Afghan war and suggested I paint something from it.  I felt a little uncomfortable painting from someone else’s photo at the time, but sometimes you (I) need to get over stuff like that when you (I) just need to practice.  There were many beautiful and haunting photos, but this boy/young man really stuck with me.   I can’t remember who the photographer is or the name of the book.

It was fairly experimental, you can see a couple of different styles of painting in it and it is definitely not a finished image (me saying this is significant, ’cause I’m normally happy with things before most would consider them finished).  I wish that I had done a little more work on it at the time, as I can never go back to a painting.  This painting might also benefit from some cropping…

I promise that next month I will post something new.