Knitted Lodge Socks

cmassocks2013 Sammi's c-mas socks C-mas socks2013Just thought I should knit a pair of socks over Christmas.  It was fun and relaxing, and now I have an awesome pair of socks!  I used some variegated wool that I had bought to knit leg warmers, but socks are so much quicker and you get to ‘turn the heel’, the magical part of knitting…

Fiddlehead Mittens

Fiddlehead MittensFiddlehead Mittens

Fiddlehead Mittens - Sammi wearing mittsMy sister bought me a kit for Christmas one year to make these fiddlehead mittens from Tanis Fibre Arts.  They have a knitted lining and are super warm.  This was my first attempt at fair isle knitting or knitting with several colours.  I love the result, but found the pattern for the lining to be a challenge because it was too big.  I re-knit the one mitt’s lining several times, but didn’t redo the other, so it’s a bit bunched in the end.  I wear them anyway, I love knitting!