Cat Quilt


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I made this quilt as a Christmas present for Candace and her cat, Mr. Kippers (aka Zephy).  Mr. Kippers is a black cat and likes spooky dark things.  Cassie helped me with the project and we had a plan to try to sell “Cat Quilts” to other cats.  We put in a cat nip pocket and Mr. Pinky just loved it, so we made a quilt for him too!



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Paws and Quilt.
Paws and Quilt


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Byzantine Bracelet

Byzantine Bracelet  I made this bracelet, in February 2013, at a workshop run by Sandy MacFarlane at the Art School of Peterborough.  I made and sawed the links and then followed a pattern to end up with this lovely Byzantine Bracelet.  I made this one in copper, but would like to try it in silver!  I especially enjoyed making the clasp.  It’s fun to hammer the metal.  Hammering metal is actually “forging”, like a Blacksmith!


Hand-Spun Knitted Hat and Scarf

I dyed the unspun wool with Kool-Aid, and then I spun it in rainbow order.   Then I knit the scarf.  I thought I would make a hat to match and knit it from the pattern in this Pattons knitting book.  The pattern is actually a Fair Isle pattern, but I just knit it all from my rainbow wool.

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This is the same pattern (with the Fair Isle pattern).  This hand spun wool was dyed with Black Walnuts, Onion Skins and Goldenrod.

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hand-spun knitted hat and scarf. 


Silver Cat Head

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I recently attended a “Lost Wax Casting” workshop at the Art School of Peterborough.  First I sculpted the head in hard wax.   A plaster cast was made from the wax and then the wax melts.  Silver is injected into the cast and when it is put into water the plaster explodes and you are left with an exact silver replica of the original wax.  The silver is then filed and polished.